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Now Open: Space 15 Twenty, Plus the Lowdown on the Samantha Pleet Pop-Up at Urban Outfitters

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Space 15 Twenty didn’t let a fire ruin its party Friday night. Guests got the game-on notice as late as Friday morning and showed up to shop the Samantha Pleet Pop-Up at Urban Outfitters and next-door neighbor What Comes Around Goes Around.

The only one who couldn’t make it was Alife, whose windows camouflaged the recent fire damage. We let our nosy-ness get the best of us and used some creative camera angling to catch a shot of the interior (see above in gallery), revealing ventilation fans on high power, which you could hear from the street. Urban Outfitters was closed off for the night.

The Samantha Pleet collection of “Approved Vintage and Curiosities” carried a lot of right-now trends such as plaid, leather, and electric blue. The relatively high price point for the collection ($374 for a plaid jumper, $240 for a vest) was offset by the low-priced selected vintage pieces (we saw a cute wool jacket for $48).

The space is pretty impressive—industrial but inviting. There’s even a small restaurant by the courtyard, Snack Bar, that looked nearly finished. We the Free and Hennessy + Ingalls Art and Architecture Book Store weren’t open to shop, so we didn’t get to poke around. But a UO rep informed us the Pleet Pop-Up would only last about two months before they showcased a new line, so looks like we’ll be heading back soon for another party.

Today, all Space 15 Twenty stores are open, save Alife and Snack Bar.
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