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Breaking! Fire at Space 15 Twenty, Opening Postposted!

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Last night, a fire broke out at Urban Outfitters' new retail concept Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood. The retailer is in the process of assessing damage, including co-tenant Alife; the cause of the fire has not yet been released.

This means a postponement of its opening Friday, November 21, along with the cancellation of the Samantha Pleet Tea Party to celebrate the opening that night. Nobody was injured.

UPDATE: KTLA reports that the fire broke out on the second floor, was reported at 12:26am and was extinguished in 55 minutes: "The building appeared to be an Alife clothing store, which sells high-end urban wear. T-shirts and other items of clothing had been stacked on metal racks in the room where the blaze broke out. There were also piles of garments on the first floor, but these did not catch fire."

The fact that the building is insulated with sound-proofing material "made it difficult to fight the fire." It is said that "A sprinkler system is credited for keeping the fire from spreading to nearby businesses," but it's unclear if that means it was limited to Alife or the Space 15 Twenty complex.
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