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Now Open: The Organic Pharmacy Ready to Diagnose

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London-based The Organic Pharmacy officially opened just the other day on Beverly Drive. Before its homeopathic and beauty practitioners were even able to get fully set up over the weekend, there were already people trying to pop in with hopes of remedies for themselves, friends and family members, which seems to bode well for its success. In a white-washed space with clean lines, the goal is to feel a bit more clinical than frou-frou beauty spa. And though there are facials, massages and treatments galore, the focus is on a holistic approach to beauty and health.

This is most clearly evidenced with its Health Assessment and EIS Body Scan, a procedure which entails a battery of questions about your health and habits and then a three-minute EIS scan, which is as simple as placing your hands and feet on four sleek surfaces. What it does? Gives you information on your vitamin and mineral levels, acid/alkali balance, organ function, hormone and cholesterol status, digestive issues and stress. From this, the homeopathic practitioner will give you suggestions on potential remedies. It's not cheap—will run you $170, plus $90 for a follow-up or $300 for assessment and three follow-ups—but it is safer, healthier and cheaper than, say, filling your body with pharmaceuticals (so cleverly marketed to anyone with nervousness or upset stomach) or pumping your self-esteem with plastic surgery.
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