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NYC's Kiosk Thinks Urban Outfitters' Sign at Space 15 Twenty Looks Very Familiar

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[Left, the Kiosk sign; right, the sign outside Urban Outfitters]

On October 30, two hooligans stole the neon sign outside Kiosk, the Soho store/gallery. Kiosk posted a video of the theft on their blog with the note, "Hope they get fried mount­ing it in their mas­tur­ba­tion booth. Laserlosers."

Yesterday, the Kiosk crew came across a picture of what looked like their missing sign on Racked LA, where it was illuminating a new Urban Outfitters. Kiosk's response, titled "Urban Outfitters you suck cock and more," should go down as a great moment in store blog history:

MORE ON RACKED NY "Some­times I thank God we have no board or investors behind us as I can truly say what I want at any time..."

Space 15 Twenty

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