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ReTales: Alisa Loftin, Owner of Aero & Co

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For nine years running, Aero & Co has maintained the rep of amassing the most up-and-coming local designers. Half the serene space is stocked with Moss Mills, a natural, vintage-inspired line of clothing and accessories. The other half consists of L.A. designers like Maxine Dillon, who owner Alisa Loftin states “has definitely had the strongest connection with the customers.” Jewelry from the likes of Kacoon and Jenny Dayco are delicately merchandised on little beds of moss. And Loftin agrees that the West 3rd Street foot traffic is the perfect clientele for this peaceful retail adventure. “We get walking clients who enjoy the freedom to walk in and discover the store”

Why this store, here on West 3rd?
We used to be in Los Feliz, but business fell off after 9/11. West 3rd was ideal to me and was the only place I would have moved to. It's eclectic and interesting, not overly commercialized.

What’s been flying off the racks?
Sunglasses have always been a hot seller, and vintage handbags. I can’t sell a regular-priced handbag to save my life, but vintage I can’t keep stocked.

What are you most excited about in-store right now that maybe isn’t flying off the racks?
Octopi is so pure with what they’re doing—they only do what they want to do. The construction is perfect, but it’s hard to get into because it’s more forward than just a frilly dress or a casual look. It's thoughtful, and really well executed, from their fabric selection to their styles to their own prints.

You have $100 to shop anywhere in L.A.—where do you go?
South Willard used to be my favorite until they stopped carrying women’s. But I’m a sucker for Jo Malone fragrances. I’ve got quite a collection. You can get a big bottle for $100.

Make that $1,000.
Opening Ceremony just fits with my personal style and taste. Love it.

Times are tough. Are you making any lifestyle sacrifices to keep your closet up to date?
This is going to sound awful, but I’ve been eating less, implementing the diet I always talk about. For lunch, a simple homemade salad. Not eating at Joan’s [On Third] helps maintain the wardrobe.

South Willard

8038 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048 Visit Website

Opening Ceremony

451 North La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90048 Visit Website