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Mike & Chris Restructuring Official

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Despite initial statements to the contrary from the Mike & Chris camp, Racked NY gets word that LA label is, in fact, restructuring. The following is an email from the LA showroom, which was forwarded by a tipster:

We just wanted to update everyone on the status of Mike and Chris. Over the past two weeks, the company has been restructuring. We apologize if we haven't been as responsive during this transition. This transition caused further holiday production delays, so the company was forced to cancel 9/30-10/15x and 10/30-11/15x. We know these cancellations affect your business as well and we sincerely apologize about the inconvenience this may cause. All deliveries going forward will be produced on time. The L.A. showroom is open if you have any questions or concerns. Please resubmit any orders or requests made after October 31st, so we can make sure all our records are up to date. Mike and Chris is making a formal announcement about our new developments soon, but in the mean time we want to assure you Mike and Chris is better than ever. Thank you for your continued support.

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