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Now Open: Moss at The Bazaar at SLS Hotel

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Curated destination for modern furniture, decor and objets for the home, Moss has opened up as part of the mostly culinary-driven The Bazaar by Jose Andres at the SLS Hotel. From our colleague at Curbed, we hear "The layout of the space is interesting—the floor plan is relatively open from one section of the lobby to another, but each space has its own mood. So you have Moss in one corner, right next to the patisserie, which is right next to the bar and entrance, and the two restaurants at The Bazaar. Even though it's an open floor plan, you have a very clear sense of crossing from one section to another."

This is the second Moss location in LA, with the first on Melrose. The Bazaar told Racked that Moss hours will change sometime soon to open at 3pm, rather than the current 6pm. [RackedWire]