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Live at H&M Beverly Center! It's Comme-ing!

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Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

We're live at the Beverly Center H&M and at the Sunset Boulevard H&M, tracking the progress of the Comme des Garcons for H&M launch. Will there be mayhem? Enough merch? We'll see...Below, the scene at the Beverly Center. For Racked NY coverage, check here and here.

7:05am Racked Correspondent #1: Not too bad. Someone did bring a lawnchair and a sleeping bag. Ok they are letting us in [the mall]!

7:10am Racked Correspondent #1: They are not letting us in yet. Hopefully soon.

7:42am Racked Correspondent #2: "By the time I get off my shift I'll be in line myself" - sassy security guard. Line is about twenty deep. Guard is saying fifteen mins before they let us in the mall.

7:44am Racked Correspondent #1: We are in and waiting outside store. Hoping they let us in a tad early.

7:46am Racked Correspondent #2: Some girl tried to get inside the mall and wait outside H&M, she was promptly escorted outside to wait with the rest of us. Cheaters never prosper.

7:53am Racked Correspondent #2: They just escorted ten [more] people in into the mall.

7:58am Racked Correspondent #2: Ten more people just lined up, putting the over all total at about thirty. I don't get why only ten were allowed inside. There's a guy by the entrance with some camping equipment. I can't tell if he's waiting or homeless.

8:06am Racked Correspondent #2: They just let six more in, random number esp because the 7th in line was with his sisters (shoppers 4 5 and 6) and they made them split up!

8:14am Racked Correspondent #2: I'm in! Another line...The line wraps around the entire front of the store. I'd guess over 50.

8:19am Racked Correspondent #2: It looks like people who are just showing up now inside the mall are being allowed to wait in line even though there are twenty or so still waiting outside. Not cool, I wonder if that's what happened to me.

8:27am Racked Correspondent #2: So the ladies that got into the mall line w/o waiting outside were moved to a seperate line because the security said there were people waiting outside longer who were tenchnically before them, which was completely fair. The lady said something about the infant she had which was why they weren't outside. Using your baby to avoid sale lines? I can't decide if that's evil or brilliant.

8:36am Racked Correspondent #2: Starbucks is giving out free coffee and pastries at the front of the line. Bitchy boy next to me: "I already paid for mine! Bitch!"

8:57am Racked Correspondent #1: Getting closer. Am about 35 peeps deep. They put out complimentary Starbucks and pastries for us as we wait. Security is running this like military operation. About 50 people are still outside. There's another 50 behind me. People are trying to sneak up through the elevators but security is stopping them. I spoke with [Racked NY correspondent] Cynthia in NYC so I have an idea of what to grab. But people are rabid. Although someone told me it's not as bad as Cavalli. We'll see. I'll report on what I can get.

9:11am Racked Correspondent #2:This is literally dangerous! A huge hanging banner came crashing down in the crowd, literally a foot from my head. It had a huge metal bar attached. Someone could have got really effing hurt. And I'm getting snagged left and right by metal hangers with all the clothes bundled in arms. It's insane.

9:20am Racked Correspondent #2: Ok, ten mins in and almost everything is taken. Empty fixtures galore. People are waiting by the fitting room asking for rejects because they weren't quick enough. All I snagged was three basic tops. In the fitting room now.

9:28am Racked Correspondent #2: So, the tops I tried on were short and boxy. I know I'm more long and lean, but still. They're a crappy fit for 25 - 50 bucks. The fabric feels cheap and rough. The American Eagle long sleeve cotton tee I put on this moring cuz it was early and I didn't feel like dressing up looks and feels better quality, and it was half the price. One basic long sleeve wool tee fit ok, but not worth fifty bucks. Maybe I'm a hater, but I don't dig the collection.

9:37am Racked Correspondent #2: While I was in the fitting room they filled the empty racks with regular H&M merch. There are two racks of Comme des Garcons left filled with only womens black, pink and white long sleeve button ups, and my rejected items.

9:44am Racked Correspondent #1: Ok, the scoop. I got the last wallet. Scarves went fast. I've only seen two being carried by people. As well as two bags. The frilly cutout dress is not here I don't think. Deconstructed jackets and skirts went fast too. I got a black trench, a black blazer, wallet, two polka dot cardigans, a hat, and men's cardi for the hubs. People are stalking the fitting roooms for leftovers. I am leaving now. Crazy!

9:45am Racked Correspondent #1: They are sold out of almost everything.

9:50am Racked Correspondent #2: Floor now filled with regular H&M merch, only scant long-sleeved button-downs left, leaving.