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Live at H&M Sunset Boulevard! It's Comme-ing!

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We're live at the Beverly Center H&M and at the Sunset Boulevard H&M, tracking the progress of the Comme des Garcons for H&M launch. Will there be mayhem? Enough merch? We'll see...Below, the scene at the Sunset Boulevard store. For Racked NY coverage, check here and here.

8:11am Line snaking around the building.

8:25am There were a few guys w/ blankets here by 6:30. Proper line
at 7. 50+ in line now.

8:27am About half guys. Diverse group as far as age, race. Mellow vibe.

9:15am This is crazy. Just see lots of black, and polka dots.

9:23am Long line for fitting room. Restocking quickly. Shoes just came out. Lots of people trying on the simple black trench. More soon.

9:25am Packed, but civilized. Good mood. Not too grabby.

9:27am Polka dots selling fast. Men's cardigan-emo style.

9:40am Calmed down quite a bit. Most people waiting to try on or in line to buy. The trench is really moving.

9:54am Average person in line for register has 4 or 5 items. Many with more. Many with duplicate items. Several with multiple polka dots.

10am Interesting. Sales staff not allowed to speak to press.

10:05am Overall % of merch that is CDG very small, but it's moving. Non-CDG shopping minimal.

10:19am Can't find [H&M PR] Pansy to get the official word, but looks likes like they're done re-stocking. Just bringing back out stuff that people took to fitting rooms. Now just a monster line to buy.

10:34am It's official. They're done restocking. Going home.