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Last Night's Holiday Freebies at Coffee Bean

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Around 6:30-ish last night, we headed over to the Coffee Bean at West 3rd Street and La Cienega to see what was going on with the free 12-ounce holiday drinks being served from 5pm-8pm. Though bustling at the tables outside, we were surprised to find a nearly empty coffee shop with only two people in line in front of us, neither of whom took advantage of the free coffee. There were a few samples out, one tray empty, one filled, but really no commotion whatsoever.

But, alas, we found the freebie excitement we were anticipating at the Coffee Bean inside the Beverly Center. Folks waited in a snaking line and there was an entire table filled with healthily-sized samples. No one was grabby-grabby either, which made for an overall jovial mood. In fact, compared to the concentrated pack of people at the Coffee Bean, the mall was sparsely populated. [RackedWire]