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Launches & Releases: Juicy Couture Maclaren Stroller

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In true Juicy Couture style, the glitzy brand has teamed up with Maclaren to create a pink and chocolate brown stroller to instill the importance of labels before your baby girl can walk (and who, hopefully, will walk herself right over to Juicy once she can). Maclaren is known for its top-notch products, so the stroller, $450, is fully loaded with five-point harness, removable, washable seat (which reverses to brown and pink stripes with Juicy logo), compact umbrella fold, foot-operated parking breaks, shopping basket, high-performance aluminum frame, and rain cover and water-resistant hood. There's also a brown footmuff for another $120. Top it off with this matching velour tracksuit for mommy and you can be an LA cliche next Halloween. [RackedWire]