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Party (S)hopping: Paper Mag Pops Up

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We stopped by the Paper Magazine 24-hour Pop-Up Friday night just in time to catch Lady Tigra, who performed solidly to an initially unenthusiastic crowd (and fully pulled off her shimmery shorts jumper). The sale was set up a la trade show with each brand’s individual booth separated with chain-link fences and adorned with disco balls to match the magazine’s garbage and glitz vibe.

Tented and lined with American flags, the Libertine booth quickly caught our eye, but it wasn’t worth tripping through all that fabric to shop its gear. And like some of the other represented brands, we didn’t see much more than graphic tees and tote bags anyway.

To be fair, there were figures by Strangeco and Undefeated skate gear, so a multitude of goods were represented. But the segregated booths felt more like show-and-tell than an actual lifestyle sale. The set-up didn’t entice us to browse, so we weren’t driven to buy. We saw one shopper walk away with an art piece from the MAC booth, but didn’t witness any other purchases. The sale was only two hours deep, so hopefully transactions picked up as the night moved on.
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