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Launches & Releases: Swims City Slipper

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Here's something to look out for in the coming weeks at Bloomingdale's and Saks: Swims, the label that reinvented galoshes into a host of sleek overshoes, has now taken the spirit to the high heel with its City Slipper ($95). It truly is made for protection and convenience in inclement weather with added traction, pull on/off grip, and flexible design making in malleable to nearly any heel. A map of NYC, Paris or Tokyo on the sole is a nice design touch.

And, yes, we know it rarely ever rains in LA, and the Santa Anas hardly count as inclement weather, but for those who hop coasts, these toppers could be a worthwhile investment. Also, we love the idea of layering and aesthetic versatility for heels, weather or not. [RackedWire]