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Reality of Fashion: Project Runway, Season 5, Episode 13, Roomies with Kenley

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We're on the homestretch with this season of Project Runway, with Korto, Kenley, Jerell and Leanne competing for three spots at New York Fashion Week. They get two months and $8,000 to create 10 look collections—when they return to NYC, one of them will be out.

Jump to their return and no one wants to room with Kenley. Mind you, the four are staying in the same suite, but one person has to share a bedroom with her and it ends up being Jerell because he arrived after Korto and Leanne, who'd already decided to bunk up. Kenley walks into an icy suite, the three sipping wine and not saying a word to her. It would be more awkward if they didn't dislike each other so openly. They also find out they have to complete one more challenge, which no one is happy about. And for a clip of Kenley crying on Regis & Kelly, click here.
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