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Prized Merchandising: Saylor Sets Such Pretty Sales

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While some shops throw merch on the racks, others take their visual merchandising quite seriously, curating each space to perfection—those particular shops get our Prized Merchandising gold star.

Owner Rebekah Rafalski, who helmed Holiday boutique before opening Saylor at 912 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, started straightening up immediately when we asked to take some photos: "Are you sure? You don't think it's a little messy?" No, it was immaculate and very prettily curated, every space, every rack (filled with Geren Ford, Fleur Wood, Castle Starr, Shipley & Halmos), organized by color palette. We love the string of well-worn pointe shoes falling from the ceiling, a touch she added after receiving a shipment of ballet flats. Each surface seems to tell a little story—perhaps two sisters getting ready for a party, or preparation for a glorious trip abroad. Even the dressing rooms are a space we wouldn't mind spending some time in, along with that Vena Cava dress we were lusting after. [RackedWire]