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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 5, Family Matters

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Honestly, watching the trailer for this episode is nearly sufficient. We already got the gist of the photo shoot for Japanese mag Glamorous and the fight over whether to have a mega bash for Zoe and Rodger's 10-year anniversary, which didn't happen to everyone's (but Zoe's) relief.

The rest of the ep was all about showing Zoe's extended family life—sister, dad—and then the death of her uncle Jerry, whom she sobs over but then doesn't attend the funeral due to a photo shoot and the proximity to the Oscars. She gets upset with Rodger for not having dinner with her and her father because of a business meeting—she needs them both so desperately at this trying time—but then is not there for her aunt and other family members who have just lost Jerry. Not that we would expect Zoe to truly see outside herself, come on.

But what we learned: Zoe really annoyingly calls Molly Sims "Mols"; Zoe has a team of makeup and hair people—Joey in NYC (who she flies out to LA on occasion) and then Byron and Anthony in LA; and, when we hear about stylists getting blamed for bad improvisations by their clients, that does actually happen sometimes—case in point, "Mols" at the Independent Spirit Awards freelanced adding some not spectacular tights with her ensemble.

What we were left to ponder: Rodger's business—he "owns and produces awards shows for advertising and web." We need an example, Rodg. And Zoe's year-long stomachache due to stress—could that have anything to do with a diet of Vente Starbucks?
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