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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 5 Teaser, 10-Year Anniversary Fight

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More tempered struggles between Rachel Zoe and husband Rodger this week on The Rachel Zoe Project—she wants to throw a 200-person "really big party" for their tenth anniversary, and he wants to go away to Palm Springs for the weekend. Zoe's response: "I'm going to relax for three days before the Oscars, are you kidding?" While Rodger says not only with the party cost "so much money," but "it's literally the worst idea ever." We'd hazard a guess that Rodger wouldn't know the majority of these potential anniversary party guests. Of course, it is all for TV, so they never really let it rip like a married couple having it out sans cameras. But, hey, it's sufficient reality TV drama.

In the clip after the jump, it's all about Zoe styling a shoot encapsulating LA style, which of course involves a lot of vintage to capture that "Twiggy meets Bardot meets Penelope Tree" look.
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