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Debra Messing Sold as the New Carrie

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There was a while there when PR pitches regarding the SATC movie (no matter how tangentially) seemed to be coming in every few seconds. It got very, very old. But here's a new one: Debra Messing's Molly Kagan—her The Starter Wife character which is hitting the small screen October 10—is being sold as the next Carrie Bradshaw. The pitch: "While 'Carrie' may be stepping down from her pedestal, 'Molly' is stepping up. Meet your new fashion icon, Molly Kagan. She’s single; she’s stressed; she’s the former wife of a Hollywood hotshot; and she always fashionable. She’s 'The Starter Wife' and to fashionistas everywhere, she’s America’s new leading lady." Time for the SATC-related pitches to die, people. It's over. [Racked Inbox]