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Discontinued: BCBG, Style Park and Dussault, All on Melrose

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Photo via snoopygirl/flickr

A Racked correspondent reports three closures on Melrose: "I noticed that Style Park, Dussault, and Max Azria BCBG are ALL cleared out today. No merch. No staff. Nothing. Just empty shelves and naked mannequins...I was just in Style Park on Saturday and the salesgirl didn't say anything about closing."

The Max Azria at 8400 Melrose Avenue confirmed that Max Azria at 8026 Melrose Avenue has, in fact, shuttered. And, really, there probably wasn't a need for both shops so close together. Unfortunately, Style Park at 7928 Melrose Avenue doesn't have a site that we could find, but we put in a call and only got incessant ringing. Someone answered at Dussault at 8010 Melrose, and confirmed it was closed, but offered no more info: "I just work here." We'd probably be annoyed too. [RackedWire]