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Party (S)hopping: John Fluevog Launches Six-Inch Melrose Boot

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Canadian designer John Fluevog was in town last night to debut his six-inch Melrose wedge boot, which comes just below the knee in either shimmery purple with a black heel ($429) or black with a glossy gold or black heel ($445). The event also marked five years Fluevog has had his eponymous boutique on Melrose—he also has four in Canada and five others in the US.

His shoes put a premium on the heel, which is rarely ever basic; vertically stacked or fattened at the tip, Fluevog shoes garner a diverse and enthusiastic crowd who appreciate the designer's left-of-center approach. He told Racked people often ask him how to get started designing shoes: "I tell them I don't know. I was a retailer. I didn't go to design school, but I started designing in the mid-'80s. Since I always had a store, I always had a place to sell my shoes." [RackedWire]