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Politics of Fashion: Westlake Village Stylist Responsible for Palin's VP Debate Coif

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The women of Westlake Village don't have to resort to wigs to get the VP nominee's 'do, as W's Editors' Blog reports: "the Guv has been traveling with a hairstylist named Angela, who usually works out of a salon called the Hair Grove in Westlake Village, CA."

Palin, in fact, got the tip from Cindy McCain, who found her hairstylist Piper at the salon. The blog also hears that Palin was inquiring about hair extensions, which, we have to say, would be so fantastically entertaining and potentially horrendous. The salon told W Angela is on leave: "She's not available until November 4th," so Westlakers will have to hold on for the teased and swept and half-braided coiffure.
· Where Sarah Palin Got Her Hockey Mom Hair [Editors' Blog/W]