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Politics of Fashion: Palin's Thrifty Endorsement Backfires on Anchorage's Out of the Closet

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Meanwhile, on the Palin fashion front, the vice presidential nominee may have done damage to her favorite Anchorage thrift store, Out of the Closet, in an effort to counter the extravagance of her $150,000 campaign wardrobe. By discussing her secondhand shopping on Fox News, she brought attention to the store, and WWD reports: "Unfortunately for the Alaskan shop, Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation has operated charity resale stores under the same name in California and Florida since 1990. It registered the moniker as a trademark in 1997. In a teleconference Monday, the group, which describes itself as the nation’s largest HIV and AIDS nonprofit, said it sent a cease and desist letter to the Anchorage store."

And we find out from All the Rage that the owners of Anchorage's Out of the Closet visited Decadetwo boutique on Melrose and bought "a ton of stuff," per co-owner Christos Garkinos. An Obama supporter, Garkinos "who recently married his longtime partner—said he was so skeeved out at the thought of Palin wearing clothes bought from his store, he donated 100% of the sales to the Obama campaign."
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