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Party (S)hopping: Ever Lands on Melrose

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From the line outside Ever's opening on Melrose, one may have thought it was a hot new club, and after waiting 20 minutes to get into the celebrity crawling store, it surely felt that way. The Creative Director of Ever, Jason Bleick, was busy entertaining his 300-plus guests who were sipping Roberto Cavalli vodka and dancing to the likes of MGMT while reporters pursued interviews with young Hollywood.

Trying to browse the perfectly lined racks was a bit difficult, but it was clear that the clothing reflects Bleick’s vision: “The line has an emphasis on staying true to classic bodies, while upping the construction and finishing process.” Collection highlights include dresses and coats for women and thermals and boots for men. Entourage's Rex Lee, loved that “the line was hip but not over designed” and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

There are currently two Ever locations—Montecito and Los Angeles. The line is also sold in retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Japan.
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Geri Hirsch