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Above the Fray: Shoe Pavilion Going Out of Biz Sale

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We have never, we repeat, never, seen the parking lot at the Shoe Pavilion at 7919 Beverly Boulevard filled. Not only that, on Sunday afternoon, we had difficulty finding any sort of street parking and had to park three blocks west. We finally got there and witnessed shoppers walking out with two and four bags each, each bag with two to three boxes of shoes inside. We pulled for the door and it was locked. A sign posted stated that it would be closing for inventory at 4pm, but it was only 3:40pm. A manager or sales staffer came out and frantically told us, there were already so many people inside, they weren't letting anyone else in. But we peeked inside and saw, yes, there were lots of people; we also saw signs for $7.99 and $9.99 shoes. Another would-be shopper also peered in: "Oh, I'm definitely coming back," she said.
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