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ReTales: Jill Garland, Owner of V Vintage

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Most people wouldn’t dream of going into business with their mother-in-law, but Jill Garland, who co-owns V Vintage with Paula Garland, says it's been working out beautifully. “[Paula’s] been in retail for 25 years and she brings a lot of experience. She does the bookkeeping and behind the scenes stuff, and I do all the buying and merchandising. She does all the stuff I don’t like to do.” The sometimes exotic and always luxurious collection of Jill's flawless taste of vintage jewels and bags boasts a clientele of Tory Burch, Jada Pinkett Smith, Natalie Zea and Jamie Tisch. Also owning restaurant Porta Via with husband Peter, the Garlands certainly know a thing or two about good taste.

Why this store, here on Canon?
I opened this location because it was available. They had put a sign in the window for rent so we ran over here. My original idea was to do it at my house because I had always collected vintage for myself. I thought it would be such a cool thing to do, to have people come over, but once I got the space, I realized it's much easier to do it here and have it contained. It's appealing to me because I don’t have to be here nine-to-five, it's by appointment. But I am here Monday through Friday, about 10am-4pm so if people want to stroll in, they can.

What’s been flying off the shelves?
Chanel sells really well. Bracelets and layered bracelets are huge, and all these layered chains, those are good, 1920’s deco bracelets do really well. They’re very collectible and you can wear them in multiples. I do great with belts.

What are you most excited about, in-store right now, that maybe isn’t flying off the shelves?
I love all the evening bags for holiday and big, jeweled necklaces. I like big, bold stuff and a lot of people are afraid to wear bold stuff, but that makes your outfit. You can wear a simple black dress or shirt and have a great necklace to make you stand out.

You have $100 to spend anywhere in LA—where do you go?
Porta Via.

Make it $1,000.
I wear vintage stuff, so I’d go vintage shopping. Or Barneys.

Do you think Hollywood is getting more fashionable, or fashion is getting more Hollywood?
The thing is, everyone has their stars, those young girls on The Hills or Gossip Girl, I don’t watch those, but if those girls are wearing it, then [designers] want them to wear it because it advertises. The stars aren’t picking it out; it's the stylists behind the scenes who are working with the designers. The stars get the credit, but they don't pick out dresses or jewelry. They hire those people who bring them the latest. I think the people dressing them should get more credit.

Did you partake in LA Fashion Week?
I don't get involved in Fashion Week. I just know from people that they don't get the quality, high caliber designers like they do in New York. I was just in New York and the people here dress so much differently than New Yorkers and East Coast people. They are more put together, we show a lot of skin. And I guess it has to do with the weather and the work. A lot of people don't work nine-to-five jobs [in L.A.] and it shows. I don't think the big designers take it as seriously out here. We have great stores and merchandise, but I don't think think LA is good for Fashion Week.

Barneys New York

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