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Urban Outfitters's Space 15 Twenty Shopping Center

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While we were posting about the Urban Outfitters coming to 1520 Cahuenga, sister site Curbed was simultaneously posting about the entire 30,000-square-foot Space 15 Twenty shopping center, which is being developed by LA-based Root Development.

Intriguingly, Urban Outfitters is behind the whole project, set to open in November. From Root Development: "Created by retailer Urban Outfitters, Space 15 Twenty offers an extremely hip and inviting shopping experience...the project is an environmentally friendly reuse of existing warehouse spaces and alleyway, and provides unique retail and dining experiences...Space 15 Twenty connects two major streets with a pedestrian passageway and highlights the 1920s bow truss ceilings and red brick elements."

And what of these retail and dining experiences? We get tipped from someone involved in the project that along with Urban Outfitters, new shops going into the complex include "Alife, Hennesey & Ingalls (a architectural art book store), We The Free, What Comes Around Goes Around and a Philly based restaurant." Pictured is Space 15 Twenty signage by U.S. Sign & Mill, as well as a Root Development rendering.
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Space 15 Twenty

1520 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Visit Website