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Just Hillin': Heidi Montag's Heidiwood Done

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After one year of Heidiwood, Anchor Blue has decided that maybe a celeb line is not the way to go. The Cut reports the chain did not renew its contract with The Hills star.

Anchor Blue spokesperson Marla White told the blog: "We really found that we want to explore ? what style really means to our girl ? and that doesn't necessarily mean a celebrity brand. It really means fashion and comfort, and we can really accomplish that with our own brand," a decidedly different goal than Montag's sexed-up zebra prints and short-shorts.

On the horizon: "We're taking a completely new style direction and we're very, very excited about it," White went on, also noting Anchor Blue will be opening 10 stores nationwide, versus previous reports of 40 stores closing.
· Heidi Montag’s Fashion Line Is Over [The Cut]