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Party (S)hopping: Catherine Malandrino Maison

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Despite the fact that even last night everyone said Catherine Malandrino Maison would be open for business today, it didn't happen. The big day has been postponed until tomorrow, and we're not surprised given the grand opening bash last night. We got there an hour after it officially started and the place was completely packed—difficult to get in the front door, and the bar had already run out of glasses, something we don't think we've ever witnessed.

The 6,000-square-foot two level shop is pretty spectacular with multiple rooms housing the designers Catherine Malandrino and Malandrino line, plus her gorgeous new jewelry line, which we'd never seen in person before. There's also a cafe (where the bar was set up) which will offer food from Little Next Door.

As the crowd dissipated slightly (Dita Von Teese, Rosario Dawson, Mary J. Blige, Perry Reeves, designers Louis Verdad, Kit Pistol included), we could get a better look at the space, which is prettily appointed to feel like a home with photos on the wall, fireplace, curated sitting areas with books, patio and nicely landscaped front.

Apparel here runs from around $400 into the thousands, and attendees, from designers to fashion editors, commented often and enthusiastically about how gorgeous it all is. Indeed, Malandrino captures a lush femininity that's somehow effortless even on the most intricate and complex pieces.
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