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Seam and Heard: Daniel Guez, Designer of Dylan George

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Very sexy, very tailored, very tight. European cuts for the California lifestyle, meaning chic enough to wear to work and cool enough to wear to play. This is Dylan George, Daniel Guez's new label, named after his son (he has three children). This thirtysomething creative powerhouse of William Rast and People’s Liberation fame has made no compromises with his latest endeavor: “This line is not for everyone. It’s about me, my friends, and how I want women to look—refined.” It’s limited to denim for now, but The Dylan George Collection will launch early next year, a full line for men and women, made of the finest Italian fabrics, leathers and cashmere. Footwear for men and eyewear for men and women is launching in March. Looks like someone is on a mission.

What inspired your latest collection?
The movie Cruel Intentions with Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon. It’s about being fashion forward – not by having brands splattered across your body, but through subtle details.

Who’s the quintessential Dylan George woman?
Kate Moss—her sense of style is impeccable.

Who’s your favorite LA designer?
Tom Ford. He takes big risks in his work and always pushes the limit and that’s something I admire.

Who’s your favorite designer overall?
Tom Ford as well.

What are the advantages of working in LA over working in NYC?
There are so many. For me, it’s really important that all the contractors and washers are here. I can get instant gratification within a day about trying out a new fabric, cut, or wash. LA has become the new staple of fashion, that’s an inspiring environment to live and work in.

What’s your go-to shopping spot in LA?
For men, Bloomingdale's does such a good job; it’s a pleasure to see how they display designer’s collections. Nordstrom for the friendliest service ever. For men and women, Dolce & Gabbana.

What’s the season’s must-have item?
For denim, boyfriend fit for women, even though I don’t agree with it. Also, overprocessed styles and low rise skinnies.

The season’s-not-under-any-circumstances – don’t care if you’re Kirsten Dunst or Charlize Theron – have item?

Dylan George is available at Nordstrom and Lisa Kline. Photos by Christina von Messling. Makeup and hair by Heather Ford.