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At Smashbox: Tulle & Cloth Logic Charm School

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There was no missing Tulle & Cloth Logic's '50s and '60s inspiration, from the first male and female models that walked side by side down the runway. The looks: For her, an avocado-hued cardigan tied primly at the neck, atop a marigold sleeveless sweater and paired with a bright pink pintuck mini skirt; for him, white tee, cardigan vest and rolled up jeans. The styling: On her, haired teased into a voluminous coif with bow, bright pink lips and black lashes, and bobby socks worn with heels; on him, black, slightly rounded framed glasses, purposefully unkempt hair.

There was a definite schoolboy and schoolgirl charm throughout, and the vintage influence could be seen in the choice of color palette and color combinations (yellow/gray, navy/teal, ivory/peach, avocado/navy), the fine, squiggly striped knits, and little sweater and skirt pairings. But it was not full-on retro, as silhouettes and fits were modern, and overall very wearable.
· LA Fashion Week [Racked Archives]

—Photos by Christina von Messling