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At Smashbox: Christian Audigier Presents American Lord, Plus Audigier to Sell Company and Fashion Show at The Grove Tonight

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Photos via Zimbio

Big news today from WWD that Christian Audigier is aiming to cash in at least $700 million for the sale of his entire company. The mogul is "in talks with private equity firms, apparel manufacturers in California, and European firms — more than 15 in all — about buying the business, which encompasses 10 brands and includes his namesake label and the tattoo-inspired line Ed Hardy...With 92 licensees, the Culver City, Calif.-based firm expects wholesale sales to more than double to $300 million this year from a year ago." He may consider selling the brands separately.

As for last night's Christian Audigier Presents American Lord runway extravaganza, the Style Council was there to report: "models walked on a runway lined with live grass. Two British guards with big black poufy hats stood at attention then began dancing as the music swelled. Models...with massive Great Dane hounds in tow. Children waved American flags." And the clothes: "signature Audigier: a mashup of graphic symbols, glitter, rhinestones and denim, this time with pleated plaid kilts, stretch leggings, tartain trousers, and tartan tights. The girls are rock and roll princesses, the troublesome wild children of an aristocratic family, freshly rolled out of a dumpster, tiara still stuck in their bedraggled hair after a night out clubbing with the rich and famous. They guys are heirs to the throne who crash their Ferraris every couple of weeks then go out to buy another."

And, for those not at the show, who want to see it for themselves, Audigier (per PR Newswire) is putting on another show "Unity, A Night of Fashion" at the Grove tonight at 8pm.
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