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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Final Episode, Brad vs. Taylor Oscar Showdown, Plus Zoe Gets a Vintage Porsche

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OK, last night we didn't get to Zoe until sometime after 1am with all the Fashion Week stuff, and then TiVo decided to stop every few minutes during the episode and take a break. TiVo, when we need you most! So, as the LAT via The Cut let's us know, there is no second season confirmed, meaning this could possibly be the last episode ever (but we doubt it). At any rate, we're left with a major throw-down between assistants Taylor and Brad, because, once again, Taylor is sick of doing the grunt work and takes off (to sit in Zoe's driveway) on Oscar day, which we're reminded over and over is the busiest, craziest day in the entire universe—Zoe dressing Jen Garner, Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz, Kate Beckinsale.

Taylor comes back when Zoe suggests they get a third assistant. Meanwhile, Zoe is losing her shit because Brad left her without a 'kit' with Cameron Diaz—the 'kit' in a collection of heel pads, topstick, nipple covers, plus extra shoe, bag options. She let's him know he f-ed up. Brad is nearly inconsolable, sobbing with Rachel, sobbing with Taylor. "I don't know if I can handle this," he says. He tells the camera he's been called a "fag" and other horrible names, so he has a thick skin, but no one's attacked him so personally as Taylor.

In the midst of this Zoe soldiers on, and makes it about 20 feet to the TV: "I feel like my team is totally falling apart, but I can't stop that from watching the red carpet."

But all ends with champagne toast because Zoe talks Taylor into talking to Brad, and she tells him: "I won't be such a psycho bitch." So sweet.

We have to talk about Zoe's favorite show though—the original 90210. She loves it so much in fact that Rodger buys her a Porsche, a vintage '56 Speedster, just like Dylan McKay! But Rodger, we thought Zoe spent too much? We thought you were trying to reign in the credit cards. Silly us, that would be logical, rational and involve real world concerns.

And, we find out that Brad's 30! We pegged him mid-20s, and for some reason, this makes us like him more.
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