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At Smashbox: The Fug Girls at Lauren Conrad (Outside by the Dumpster), LAT Bored

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Photo via The Cut/Fug Girls

The LA Weekly's Style Council isn't the only media outlet annoyed by the mismanagement of the Lauren Conrad show, in which journalists actually covering the show with confirmed seats were turned away. The Fug Girls waited in line, depressingly, next to the dumpster only to be turned away when the fire marshal showed up to say "all the PR girls have packed up and fled." Ugh:

The queue to get into Conrad's Tuesday-night show at L.A. Fashion Week snaked out of the tent, down the street, and around the corner, bursting with more people than could possibly fit into the venue...Half the available check-in area was taken up by a makeshift red carpet so that a couple of reality-TV types could pose for and others with confirmed seats were stuck waiting for more than an hour in the same interminable line as all the standing-room hopefuls and random passers-by...Frustrated reporters angrily sought any kind of PR representative who could help but came up empty...Note to L.C.: If you want better reviews, step one is getting the people who write them into your show with minimal headaches and ranting. Well, no, step one ought to be designing better clothes, but let's start with the obstacles we can feasibly tackle, okay?

Meanwhile the LAT's All the Rage has another bone to pick with Conrad:

"How many jersey dresses and tops do you think we need? [Conrad] has moved on from early-2000s jersey dressing in her own wardrobe (she's been spotted recently in young Hollywood's latest uniform: ripped jeans, stilettos and a button-down shirt). Yet her spring collection...offered the same milquetoast jersey pieces we've seen from her past collections...As one top Hollywood stylist sitting ringside muttered, 'I'm so bored.'"

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