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LA Fashion Week: Cirque du Maggie—Maggie Barry, Barry Savage, Xubaz and Tal Sheyn at Club 740

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The theme of Maggie Barry’s show at the Moulin-rouge-reminiscent downtown Club 740 was 'Victorian Circus'—as seen through very thick LA-glasses, one must add. Her own collection was definitely theatrical, lots of black lace, metallic jersey, and pouf mini skirts, while our favorite was a beige spliced twill body suit for its simplicity and intricate texture.

Also showing was Barry Savage whose colorful, flowy, breezy dresses can easily go from beach to night—here the favorite was a smartly, sexy cut jewel colored mini dress.

Xubaz functional scarves (for girls and gals) with little pockets for your necessities (cell phone!) brought an otherwise absent low-key-California casualness to the evening.

The closing act was Tal Sheyn, whose extravagant designs are definitely for you women out there that don’t take prisoners.
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