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Neighborhood Watch: Silver Lake's Reform School Moving, Pull My Daily Selling Business, and Casbah Cafe Shrubless

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Casbah Cafe in its shrubbed glory

Looks like we have a tipster walking the Silver Lake/Sunset Junction beat for us, with the following profusion of neighborhood goings-on: The biggest and saddest news is that sustainable design/decor/lifestyle/gifts shop Reform School will no longer be in session [at its current location]: "There is a For Lease sign on the storefront for REFORM SCHOOL. They are closing this month." Just east of that, women's and men's boutique "PULL MY DAISY is selling their business. There is a 'Business For Sale' on their window." And Casbah Cafe has lost its greenery: "CASBAH CAFE had to remove their beautiful lavender bushes & sidewalk shrubbery because of a long campaign from the cranky neighborhood gadfly who lives behind their building (in an ugly badly maintained house)."

UPDATE: Yay! Reform school is not closing, but moving next month, just one block to 3902 West Sunset at Hyperion. The space is bigger, so they can start doing workshops at the first of the year. [RackedWire]