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Planet Funk's Fashion Week Kick-Off Party Fizzles

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Planet Funk held its Official LA Fashion Week Kick-Off Party on Friday, hosted by 90210 hottie Annalynne McCord (that would be the one not rumored to have an eating disorder) and LA Direct mag at Kress Supper Club. Aside from the wait staff adorning some foiled graphic tees and flat screens flashing Planet Funk logos, it seemed like just another night on the club scene. The door was ridiculously strict considering the multi-level nightclub was nearly empty until midnight. The rooftop lounge was off limits to most guests, but they weren’t missing much—the most interesting thing we spotted was Dave Navarro cuddling up with Miss Malibu Tami Farrell. We don’t blame them for getting so close; Kress apparently thinks it's still summer and didn’t have any heaters going on the windy rooftop.

Most VIP guests peaced out after five minutes and headed to the clubs (heated) lower level to party with the “regular people.” We didn’t spot many models or industry folk, but it was a crowd of people who looked like they actually earned their night out, which is a rare sight in Hollywood. [RackedWire]