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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Final Episode Teaser, Taylor vs. Brad, Oscar Madness

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Unlike Project Runway, which just seems like it's never-ending this season, The Rachel Zoe Project has kind of flown by; though, to be fair, the season's only a half-dozen episodes, so we haven't had time to get as irked with anyone (not even Zoe, which surprises us) as irked as we are with, say, Kenley. So, this is it, the final episode in which Taylor and Brad throw down, kind of. "Tay" is totally over doing all the grunt and tells Zoe while she's schlepping garment bags and the rest Brad's busy "being up your ass." Meanwhile, Brad is sick of Taylor "talking smack" behind his back. It's seemingly resolved in a couple quick edits when Zoe suggests getting a third assistant. Taylor agrees this might help and then "Brad can continue being Rachel's gal pal."

In the second teaser after the jump, we watch Zoe stressing about the Oscars and telling Rodger what she has to do (two clients presenting, five going to parties, blah, blah) like he doesn't already know all of this and it's not gratuitous exposition for the show. Like we don't already know all of this. Seriously, Bravo, we get it. Then Taylor talks about just how much Zoe loooves the Oscars—the dresses! the jewelry! the parties!
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