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The Comme des Garcons for H&M Preview!

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We'll say this, people: The Comme des Garcons for H&M collection lives up to the hype, so open up your Google calender, pick up your iPhone, or one of those pencil things and on November 13, write the following: COMME DES GARCONS H&M RUN!

The quality and tailoring is spectacular and precise. The $350 ruffled, pin-striped dress raised eyebrows—and this particular piece wouldn't be for us—but the price points overall seem fair. To spend $299 for a well-made, fashion-forward men's suit, a soft gray plaid done on the diagonal with one line of white stitching, is not a bad deal at all. The women's deconstructed jackets, off-kilter with exposed seams, translate very well and are not a kookie as you might think. The ballerina dress with cut-out back is extremely elegant. And Pansy Tolou, who's the contact for the H&M LA Showroom, was wearing the harem pants with one of the deconstructed jackets and killer heels and looked incredibly chic.

We wish we could've tried some pieces on—we're not an H&M sample size—so we can't comment on that score; we did watch a couple guys try on jackets and heard some "runs small" murmurs from the non-skinny-skinnies. We also heard some hopeful queries: "Do you think there's a goodie bag?" Uh, no.
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