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Reality of Fashion: The Rachel Zoe Project Episode 4, 'I Have a Spending Problem'

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Zoe continued her quest to find Oscar dresses for clients such as presenter Jennifer Garner at New York Fashion Week, attending shows and visiting studios of Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa and DVF, but mostly the episode was about the stylist's shopping extravaganza. Not only did she grab three racks to try on at New York Vintage and buy an unclear number of dresses worth thousands each, but she also mentions buying three leopard coats and what sounded like a leopard cape.

Meanwhile, husband Rodger is busy trying to keep Zoe slightly in check and failing miserably and working on his "internet business." He tells the cameras: "We never fight over money; we just fight over how she spends money." Zoe admits to the cameras: "I have a spending problem," and then acts coy, but we would be truly frightened with a spouse like this—i.e., a shopping addict. And she wants and wants and wants, right now an apartment in NYC: "Baby, don't you want that loft on Green Street?" Ahhhhhhh! We could hear the deafening scream in Rodger's head.

Oh, and the whole styling thing. This week Brad had to scurry to pull looks for "Kate" (no last name given) who was doing press junkets, etc. in London. He rose to the occasion, had fun hanging out with Zoe's makeup artist/hair stylist Joey (shown right dressed up as Zoe, while Joey primps him) and felt very glamorous at Marc Jacobs' after-party.
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