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How to Launch a Fashion Brand That Sells

The only pro tips you need.

Inside Quintessentially LA Designer Jenni Kayne’s Bag

Welcome to In the Bag, a weekly feature where local tastemakers reveal what they never leave home without.

This Week’s Best LA Fashion Blogger Instagrams

Since LA is home to many of the world's most influential style bloggers, each week we'll be showcasing six inspiring Instagrams captured by our hometown heroes.

This LA Model Co-Created the Coolest Bucket Bag

A super-stylish way to stash your stuff.

Inside Supra’s Cool Sneakerhead and Skater Hangout

Skateboard legend Chad Muska dreamed up the entire space.

Agent Provocateur’s First U.S. Outlet Shop Heats Up Desert Hills

The luxury lingerie label opens at the bargain shopping center today.

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A flat lay of clothes, shoes, and accessories

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‘Your Brain on Shopping’ investigates.

There’s More to Headwraps Than You Think

We unravel the hidden story behind headwraps.
Rebecca Jennings in glasses over a tray of croissants

I Dressed Like a Divorcée in a Rom-Com for a Week

Can dressing like Meryl Streep transform me into the croissant-baking woman I aspire to be?
Burlesque dancer Jezebel Express

Jezebel Express Challenges Beauty Norms Through Burlesque

‘Dress the Part’ meets the burlesque performer challenging beauty norms.
A$AP Eva and her son in their jewelry store

A$AP Eva Is the Woman Behind Your Favorite Rapper’s Jewels

‘Just Browsing’ explores the treasure trove of luxury bling at this unassuming NYC store.
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